Creating Social Impact in Alberta...

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Whether you are a person, organization, business, co-op, non-profit or charity...


This is the place to connect with a network of Albertans who want to create more social good in their community, in a meaningful way.


It doesn't matter what you call it:


Social Impact, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, or simply...

Doing Good in Your 'hood.


Let's build the

{I}mpact {N}etwork



Are you {IN}? 


Not quite sure where to start? 

Social Impact & Social Entrepreneurship is an emerging space with many different models, structures and sometimes confusing information. 

We are curating the best information, tools and best practices in the space, to be able to strengthen and grow the Alberta economy.

Keep checking back for weekly tool being added, podcasts, webinars, events and workshops.

And more importantly please get involved.  


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