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Free Strategy Session

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Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Curious about Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise or Social Impact? 


This is your chance to connect with Hannah Cree, Social Entrepreneurship Specialist for Alberta at ATB.  She is the cofounder and chair of the board of a social enterprise called CMNGD (pronounced COMMONGOOD), a local linen service providing transitional employment to people facing poverty. 


Hannah is a sieve for information!  She has a background in running a business accelerator & cowork space, keynote speaking & workshop development for various organizations.  She is currently on the Board of Advisors for Startup Calgary and the Board of Directors for FUSE 33, a Makerspace in Calgary. 


Hannah is passionate about growing the social entrepreneurship space in a meaningful way by providing you with connections in the community, mentors, workshops and a list of other tools.

Book your free session below. You need to be an Albertan, who is building a social impact organization.

All sessions are online, through Google hangouts or you can dial in, details will be provided via email after you book the appointment.